"A Towel called my name!"

Personalized towels mean you can tailor your products to create something truly special and unique. Upon request, we can personalize products with your name, initial or company logos in a choice of font and thread colors of embroidery.

Personalized Towel is not only perfect for your home, our Turkish Towels are great for the pool, beach, gym, sports and school activities (camps) as well.

We are personally designing the motifs to match the requests from you, thus making them unique and one of a kind for an ideal Bridesmaids or Graduation Gift.

You can add an elegant touch to your towels for your guests in bathroom and add personalized style to your home or beach. Also hand towels or kitchen towels you can personalize. We offer great towels for adults that can use for the beach or at home.

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Corporate Towel

For your corporate activities we can put your company logo or brand in a choice of font and thread colors of embroidery onto the towels.

• Hotels
Your stay may be more exclusive and differentiated. You will put more value to your brand and establishment.

Develop an exclusive NaturalSoft Peshtemal line for your hotel or inn, making it even more charming. Your guests will love to enjoy the warmth and practicality of the Turkish Towel.

• Spas
It can be used as an excellent spa companion serving as a towel or wrap, an after shower or massage cover-up.

• Events
Unforgettable events!

Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate events, Graduation Gift.

How to eternalize a unique moment, a special date or gift to someone you admire? We can do it for you and develop a unique and personalized collection for your every occasion.

• Marine
Every sailor deserves a unique touch on his/her boat. Do you want to make your guests be surprised? NaturalSoft Towels are great gifts for your boat and a chance to be a one of a kind. Contact us for more information.

Personalized Towel