Natural Soft has been founded in 2010 as a family business.

We are a distributor and exporter of Turkish Towels and Blankets.

We only use Turkish cotton by local crafters near Denizli area and manufacturing high quality products. All different kinds of pesthemals are woven with traditional methods. Our products are made using the highest-quality 100% natural fibers, finest cotton, linen and bamboo, which are made without harming animals, the environment, and are free from harmful chemicals. Tassels / fringes are made by women living nearby houses. They are woven by techniques dating back centuries, without any machine but with a contemporary design.

Since we had been in the advertisement sector, when we decided to work with these beautiful hand-woven textiles, we thought we had could make them even more attractive, by personalizing them. So we decided to make add embroidered designs on the pesthemals. We are personally designing the motifs to match the requests from buyers, thus making them unique and one of a kind for an ideal Bridesmaids or Graduation Gift.

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